Pompi Caputo

I was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1958. My passion for nature led me to study biology at the University of Buenos Aires where I received a degree in biology in 1983.

As a biologist, I have always been interested in the links and interaction between natural systems and the human being, where nature and the social system establish boundaries in which situations of intense complexity occur. One day I discovered that I could register these processes in images, and so very slowly I began to immerse myself in the world of photography.

Therefore, like life, this adventure is a process in permanent construction, this is just a moment ...



  • Art and Sustainability - Edition VI. Praxis Art Gallery. CABA, Argentina, 2019
  • Transmigrate in the times. Honorable City Council of San Isidro - Espacio de Encuentro. San Isidro, Argentina 2019
  • Transmigrate in the times. The night of the museums, 15 years. Dante Alighieri Association of Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina, 2018
  • Exhibit at the National Salon of Visual Arts. Córdoba, Argentina 2016
  • Traces of unreality. Festival of Light, El Cultural San Martín. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016
  • Silent witness. Venue: Alianza Francesa, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2016.
  • Infinite Red dot. Curator Fabiana Barreda. CABA. Argentina 2015.
  • The only permanent thing is the change. At the Festival of Light. Neuquén, Argentina, 2014.
  • The Heartbeat of the City, Santa Fe, Argentina. 2013.
  • Transformations. Photo gallery Guidotti, Santa Fe, Argentina .2012
  • Two Generations. Venue: Del Jardín, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011.


  • Arteles Catalogue 2018-2015 (Pompi Caputo, Back to Basics program, september 2018). https://www.arteles.org/artists_projects.html
  • Times of sand, authors book, 200 numbered and signed copies. La Luminosa ediciones, September 2018
  • "Silent witness, vigilant of time and space" in Traces of unreality, XIX Open Encounters, Festival of Light 2016
  • "The only permanent thing is change" in Horizons, Open Encounters, 25 Years, Festival of Light 2014

Artistic residence

  • Artistic residence in La Flecha del Arte: Expansión. Captain Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina. January 2019
  • Artistic residency at Arteles Creative Center "Back to Basics", Finland, September 2018. . https://www.arteles.org/artists_projects.html
  • Artistic residence in La Flecha del Arte: Maps. Captain Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 2018

Calls and Awards

  • Selected in the Call for plastic and visual artists HCD San Isidro to exhibit in 2019. Argentina
  • Selected to participate in Arteles Creative Center residency program 2018: "Back to Basics" during the month of September. Finland
  • Selected in the 105th edition of the National Salon of Visual Arts, Photography. Argentina, 2016
  • Winner in the Contest of Visual Arts 2016 - Alianza Francesa. Argentina.2016

Artistic training

  • Imaginary Project, platform for studying the image.
  • Argentine School of Photography.
  • Work art clinic and workshops with, Margarita García Faure, Fabiana Barreda, Adriana Lestido, Julieta Escardó, Luis González Palma and Vera Somlo

Academic training

  • Degree in Biological Sciences, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires - UBA -. 1983
  • Postgraduate courses in Ecological Watershed Management; Latin American rural sociology; Development and environment in arid and semi-arid zones; Agroecology and environment; Introduction to knowledge of the atmosphere and global change; Environmental Management Program
Pompi Caputo