Pompi Caputo

Tiempos de arena

Times of sand

Pompi Caputo

Author's book, 200 numbered and signed copies.
La Luminosa ediciones, September 2018.

Pompi Caputo, a biologist and mystical traveler, invites us in this book to touch water vapor, breathe stone and walk blindly. With the precision of the gaze of the Japanese travelers, writers of Haiku, the artist presents spaces where we walk as astronauts without gravity on water drops.

"Are there limits to the spirit? Thanks to space there are limits in the physical universe and I can be a sculptor, "says Chillida in her work diary. And it's as if Pompi's physical universe allows her to locate water and steam in mysteriously dry papers.

Times of sand invites us to stand outside any known space, invites to float on a drop of air, and from there open an envelope, touch a soft paper and caress the water; here dry, there overflowed. It invites us to observe evanescent rocks, to capture the unattainable. The images found inevitably slip through our fingers as we leaf through the pages and enter, without even knowing it, into a crystal stone.

Here the fragility, there the power of the moment. Here the inaudible, there the turbulence of the waters. Here the mystical image, there the forcefulness of the real.

How does the rock spend time?

Magarita García Faure, Winter 2018